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August and September is the time to plant for a smashing 2009 perennial garden!

August and September is a great time to plant perennials.  Many garden centers have good discounts on full size plants that would otherwise cost your 20-50% more.  As night cools down there is less stress on perennials to establish themselves.  As with trees, a good time to plant a tree is in the fall.  Many perennials that you find in a garden center now are usually almost growing out of their pots. You may be able to divide them now and get two or three plants from one pot for the price of one.   You might also collect seeds from the plant and germinate more plants in the spring.   Look at it this way, you get a full size plant, maybe divide it 1-2-3 times, and collect the seed.  Why not maximize your dollar.?   This is a good time to talk to your neighbors and offer to swap this for that.  Not only do you increase good communication skills with your neighbors but you create a interest level that may enhance other neighbors to create a perennial network.   Some diehard gardeners may have old favorites that are sitting in gardens that are begging to be split.

Garden centers often carry the main line perennials, but the oldie goldies tend to fall by the wayside.  Dare to be different and introduce not so common perennials.  You might just find some eager neighbors wanting to trade their special goldies as well.  I have found  when it comes to talking about flowers in general some one knows something you don’t know.  Be open and learn from them and when the opportunity arises share a blurb of information  with them.

When customers come out to the Garden Center I ask a lot of questions.   Usually the amateur gardener knows something that I don’t know.

Planting now will give you an increased glimpse of colors of each perennial as they may be ending or starting their blooming.   Today,  August 12 I took over 100 pictures of the Perennial Paradise Garden Center.  The perennials are exploding with colors from all ranges of sizes and shapes.  You can maximize your savings by buying discounted perennials that have had the full summer to grow and be taken care of by Perennial Paradise.   If you put them in the ground now, next spring they will shoot up like bullets and usually give u twice the plant of this year.  Go for it you won’t regret it.

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